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2015-16 PSU Athletic Training Staff


(Front Row, L-R) Katie Parmalee, Kelsey Towslee, Laura Jassowski, Haley Kreiensieck, Tom Simpson, David Caponigro, Ting-Lin Li, Mary Holland, Jessica Young, Courtney Leahy, Chantal Jean

(Middle Row, L-R) Brian Busanich (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Zachary Casinelli (Athletic Training Graduate Assistant), Nigel Fung-A-Fat (Athletic Training Graduate Assistant), Chris Lenkowski, Kira Paulin, Breanna Barksdale, Meghan Gregoire, Natalie Pollet, Linda Budzynski, Jenna Janadi, Alaina Sarvak, Eric Gibbs (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Mark Legacy (Head Athletic Trainer)

(Back Row, L-R) Briana Ferullo, Owen Sawyer, Lauren Randall, Patrick Dunn, Alan Ziegler, Allison Purdue, Samantha Urbon, Mika Orozco, Stacey Oliveira, Alex Gundersen (Athletic Training Graduate Assistant)


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