2016-17 PSU Athletic Training Staff

(Front Row, L-R) Sam Urbon, Shannon Coleman, Breegan Houlihan, Allison Pinto, Lauren Burke, Mike Laflamme, Morgan Charlow, Evan Hansen, Moenique Parris, Emily Gray

(Second Row, L-R) Allison Purdue, Lauren Randall, Chantal Jean, David Caponigro, Kelsey Towsley, Linda Budzynski, Natalie Pollet, Meghan Gregoire, Kira Paulin, Jenna Janadi, Katie Parmelee, Pat Dunn, Ryan Schreiner

(Third Row, L-R) Sam Adams (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Brian Busanich (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Zac Casinelli (Graduate Assistant), Giana Cusano, Briana Ferullo, Kelsey Roy, Shelby Barden, Katherine Clement, Alex Freeman, Samantha Davol, Georgia Riegert (Graduate Assistant), Alex Gunderson (Graduate Assistant), Eric Gibbs (Assistant Athletic Trainer), Mark Legacy (Head Athletic Trainer)

Top Row, L-R) Alaina Sarvak, Hayley Quirk, Ryan Holt, Samantha Fiore, Kyia Barrett, Patrick Griffin, Ray Kelly, Trevor Chappell, Andrew Carroll, Deandre Wooding


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