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Vailas Performance Center Emergency Plan

Catastrophic Injuries / Illness

This is defined as any condition in which a student athlete’s life is threatened or the student athlete risks permanent impairment. Examples include but are not limited to; respiratory or cardiac arrest, respiratory distress, spine injuries, sudden illness or possible fractures.

Emergency Procedures

The VPC staff member on duty should assess the extent of injury and call 9-1-1 from either a cell phone or from the phone in the main office of the PE Center. If no other first-aid/ cpr certified person is present, the staff person should stabilize the injured person and send someone to call for EMS. When possible, someone should summon an ATC from the Athletic Training room or from the athletic fields to assist in emergency techniques.

The VPC staff member or ATC should; stabilize the head, neck, spine, or injured area, calm the injured person, do a primary survey to identify any life threatening conditions, and perform life saving techniques when necessary.

Call EMS / 9-1-1

Give the dispatcher the following information:

Name, address, and phone # of caller
Number of persons injured
Condition of injured individuals
First aid already provided
Specific directions to emergency scene

9-1-1 caller must HANG UP LAST

Go to direct EMS to scene.
For the VPC, EMS enters through the first door at the rear of the building.
Contact John Clark at 535-2772 to let them know that EMS has been called.

Closest Telephone—Athletic Training Room at the computer desk.
Main office of the PE Center, or Athletic Training office if it is unlocked.

An injury/ incident report must be typed up shortly afterwards and kept on file in the Athletic Department office.