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Plymouth State Athletic Hall of Fame Criteria


On October 26, 1985, Joe Dudek broke Walter Payton’s all-time college football touchdown scoring record at Plymouth State College’s Currier Field.  That evening, Plymouth State held its first Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.  Five of the school’s most influential sports personalities were honored by a special committee with selection as charter members to the Hall of Fame.  The inaugural banquet was a resounding success, and subsequently the Hall of Fame banquet has become an annual highlight of the PSU sports calendar. 


The PSU Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1985 to provide a means to recognize the efforts and achievements of various athletes, coaches, teams and contributors to Plymouth State University Athletics while reinforcing a sense of history and tradition. 

Selection Committee

The selection committee meets annually to consider nominations for induction into the Hall of Fame.  The committee consists of individuals from the University community with a knowledge of and interest in intercollegiate athletics, including but not limited to the University’s Athletic Director, Associate Athletic Director/Senior Woman Administrator, Sports Information Director, and other members of the University community. 

Criteria for Induction 

  1. Individuals to be considered on the basis of undergraduate athletic achievement must:
    1. be a graduate of PTC, PSC, or PSU
    2. have a nomination submitted on their behalf
    3. have waited seven (7) years since completion of their athletic eligibility and their graduating class.
    4. have participated for at least two years on one or more varsity teams.
    5. have represented PSU in a positive fashion both as an undergraduate and as an alumnus.
  2. Coaches, administrators and special supporters of PSU Athletics are also eligible for induction, if they have:
    1. a nomination submitted on their behalf, detailing the special nature of their contributions to PSU Athletics
    2. conducted themselves in a fashion such as to bring credit to Plymouth State, for a minimum of five years.
  3. Respected Plymouth State University alumni who bring favor  to their alma mater by achieving success in their areas relating to athletics as alumni are eligible for induction consideration seven (7) years after their graduation, providing that the selection committee receives appropriate nominations detailing the candidates achievements as alumni.
  4. Deceased contributors to PSU Athletics are eligible for induction.
  5. Persons currently coaching or on staff at Plymouth State University will not be considered if the primary rationale for that consideration revolves around their coaching accomplishments while at PSU.
  6. An athletic team shall be eligible for induction as a unit, and shall not prohibit the separate induction of one or more of its members.  If a team is inducted, the Hall of Fame committee shall select a representative to accept the award.