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2018 Inductees (From left): Lou Desloges '85G, Rebecca (Morse) Smith '99, James 'Mickey' McBride '60, Mary (St. Germain) Warner '90, Chris McCormack '88,'89G

2018 Induction Ceremony Images


2017 Inductees (From left): Andy Byrne '75, Laura Giusti-Bennett '86, Michael Goldenberg '84, Kristin Dougherty Maskalenko '90, J.P. Sallese '02

2017 Induction Ceremony Images


2016 Inductees (From left) Matt Swedberg '91, Kristin Mainella '93, Bryan Biederman '07, Liz Hazel Savage '96, Mike Gittleson '77






2015 Inductees (From left) Kevin Bradley ’83, Verne Bryant '55 (Daughter Becky), Becky Ciulla '06; Annie Metz Palumbo ’05, Gary Holden ’86







2014 Inductees (Seated, from left) Jeff Santos ’97, Bethany Brown ’06, Stew Curran '76; (Standing, from left) Whitney Morin ’03, Joel Perry ’97, Phil Rowe ’74, Vicki Parady-Guay ’79


2013 Inductees (Seated, from left) Lilly Silva, Traci Walker Griffith;  (Standing, from left) Russ Massahos, Tony Martinez, Patrick McNamara, Stephen Colonna.

 2013 Hall of Fame Banquet Photos




2012 Inductees (Seated, from left) Kelsey MacDonald, Kelly Landry;  (Standing, from left) Nate Kittredge, Dave Webster, Cheryl Chase Peabody, Magnus (Eriksson) Thelning. 


 2011 Inductees (Seated, From left) Tim Mitchell, Dave Levesque;  (Standing, From left) Nick Vailas, Meaghan Buckley, Adriene Harvey, Peter Cofran.







2010 Inductees (Seated, From left) Kim Jeffs Pompieniek, Carin LaValley, Beth Field, Becky Landry Campo;  (Standing, From left) Ben Dubois, Colby Compton, Nick Pelotte, Dean Prentiss, Tim LaVallee.





2009 Inductees (Seated, From left) Katie Sheridan, Whitney Swaffield, Betsy Bruce Atkinson;  (Standing, From left) Tim Hennessey, Lee Richard, Bill Savage, Scott Walden, Dave Gibson.




2008 Inductees (Seated, From left) Courtney Albert, Jenn Pelletier, Jackie Steele Driscoll;  (Standing, From left) Jim Martocchio, Richie Thibodeau, Dan Gilmore. 

2007 Inductees (Seated, From left) Paul Hogan, Diana Grant Walker, Buddy Trask;  (Standing, From left) Jen Meservey Johnson, Jason Lewis, Kevin Sheehan.



2006 Inductees (Seated, From left) Anda Curuta, Kathy Boyd Thompson, Betty Shepard;  (Standing, From left) Jim Davis, Gary Parsons, Mark Thompson.



2003 Inductees (Front Row, From left) Carl McAllister, Diane Cote-Burk, Kristen Hodsdon-Morissette, Bill Flynn;  (Back Row, From left) Paul Andrew, Mike Moffett.






2002 Inductees (Seated, From left) Rick Forge, Joan Lopardo Forge;  (Standing, From left) Tony Calabro, Lisa Richardson, Bill Marston, Ed Ashnault.


2001 Inductees (Seated, From left) Bette Tirrell DeRocher, Joe Clark, Sr.;  (Standing, From left) Linda Pallait Bouley, Dr. Ron Butcher, Steve Tirrell





2000 Inductees (From left) '83 Men's Soccer Team member,  '83 Men's Soccer Team member, Bob Royce,  '83 Men's Soccer Team member, Matt Jozokos, Deb Biche, Dr. Paul Hartman







1999 Inductees (From left) Steve Moltisanti, John Garneau, Duncan Walsh, Mary-Bridget Pawlik-Blandini, Nancy MacCallum, Moses Jean-Pierre.  Not Pictured:  Gerd Lutter



1998 Inductees (From Left) George Soares, Joe Dudek, Denise Rioux, Mike Walsh







1994 Inductees (From Left) John Garner, Dave Stevens, Amy Burns Gaynor, Robin Beauregard, George Davis