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2010 Team Photo


(Front Row, L-R) Hannah Sawyer, Erin Norris, Brittany Treichel, Lauren Bergeron, Kristina Conroy, Christina Parisi, Aisha Rai Thompson, Elise Sedgley

(Middle Row, L-R) Josie Hill (Assistant Coach), Amy McKenney (Assistant Coach), Annabelle Frenette, Olivia Colborn, Hilary Lemelin, Molly Saunders, Alyssa Audet, Amanda Butler, Bonnie Lord (Head Coach)

(Back Row, L-R) Lily Lam (Athletic Trainer), Jackie Morin, Kayla Souza, Kelsey Farrell, Lauren Carroll, Natalie Harkins, Ashley Reed, Dan Hickey (Athletic Trainer), Deb Coburn (Athletic Trainer),

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