2014 Team Photo

(Front Row, L-R) Bonnie Lord (Head Coach), Kaitlyn Warren, Emily Davis, Sam Carberry, Ines Campbell, Nikki Garvey, Tayla Corrado, Kristen Morris, Alivia Bates, Amy McKenney (Assistant Coach)

(Middle Row, L-R) Kara LaSalle (Assistant), Nicole Burgess, Courtney Harden, Lily Davis, Tyler Pelletier, Kerry Field, Caroline Coleman, Megan Saviano, Molly Hoekman, Nigel Fung-A-Fat (Athletic Training), Jenny Frohock (Assistant Coach)

(Back Row, L-R) Hannah Mulvey (Athletic Trainer), Madison Beatrice, Jorday Ray, Eileen Crutchfield, Kaitlyn Wilder, Kendal Lariviere, Elisabeth Caron, Katie Martin, Elana Studer, Ali Lemay, Jess Young (Athletic Training)

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