2014-15 Team Photo

            (Front Row, L-R) Gordon Ceasar, Tieg Alward, Josh Woody, Mike Economos, Zach Sarig, Chad Barthelmess, Kyle Brumfield, Mike Freitag, Colt Smelstor, Andrew Wigg, Zac Enstrom

            (Middle Row, L-R) Nick Therrien (Assistant Coach), Ian McGilvrey, Erik Strom, Ryan Callahan, Baxter Strachan, Mac Haight, Ryan Cigile, Matt Vermillion, Tommy Dowell, Tord Thoresen, Phil Arnone (Assistant Coach), Craig Russell (Head Coach)

            (Back Row, L-R) Terrence Li (Athletic Training), Dylan Giberson, Dan Dupell, Chris Zuccaro, Riley Flanagan, Ty Griffith, Kelsey Towsley (Athletic Training).

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