2015 Team Photo


(Front Row, L-R) Cameron Cormier, Jake Pleadwell, Sean Dolan, Jayson LaRiviere, Aaron Boss, Mike Trocchi, C.J. Frates, Nick Allard, Andy Ripley, Scott Pelligrinelli, Nick Vitullo, Phil PIchel, Alex Croatti, Justin Roos, Rick Mahoney

(2nd Row, L-R) Gordon Webb (Head Coach), Jessica Young (Athletic Training), Mary Holland (Athletic Training), Julio Rincon, Hafkemeyer, Kyle Stockman, Mike Whitney, Pete Allen, Mike Morrissey, Andrew Finocchio, Adam Haversat, Nick Morello, Orion Wagner, Christian McKinnon, Lucas McCue, Mike Cooney, Bobby Savoia, Alaina Sarvak (Athletic Training), Brandon Lee, Ian Gallagher (Asst. Coach), Breana Barksdale (Athletic Training),

(3rd Row, L-R) Tyler Hawley, Ryan Garland, Will Van Buren, Chris St. George, Zach Taylor, Nick Bath, Bennett Timmerman, Colin Claflin, Drew Lederer, Owen Healey, Cole Martin, Nicco Sorrentino
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