2009 -- Individual Places (Final)


Men  1/9  1/10    1/16  1/17    1/24  1/25    1/31  2/1    2/6  2/7   Season    2/21  2/22      3/5  3/7  
  GS GS   SL SL   SL GS   GS SL   GS SL   Rank   SL GS Comb.   GS SL Comb.
Peter Ostroski 6th 4th   1st 2nd   3rd 1st   2nd 4th   5th 8th   1st   2nd 1st 1st   6th 4th 3rd
Travis Nevins 42nd 8th    5th 6th    2nd 21st    52nd 9th    13th 7th    6th   3rd 11th 4th   T38th 6th 14th
Willie Colt 8th DNF    --  --   6th 12th   T19th 11th   15th 5th   11th    9th 16th 12th    28th DQ  
Austin Nevins 26th 15th   35th 8th   9th 11th   21st 14th   27th 12th   14th   4th 10th 6th   63rd 30th  
Brad Deitch © 14th 10th   DNF  --   DQ 13th   6th  --   10th DNF   18th     8th 17th   14th    
Tyler Bailey 13th DNF   16th 22nd   11th DNF   18th 12th   19th 50th   21st   DNF            
Seth Bartlett © 23rd 17th   11th 9th   37th 22nd   22nd 17th   26th 19th   23rd                
Eric Chandonnet  --  13th   14th 10th   14th 29th   24th T23rd   23rd 21st   24th                
Chris Carlucci © 25th 27th   19th 15th   T12th 27th   29th 19th    -- 11th   27th             13th  
Joseph Healey 56th 42nd   34th 45th   21st 23rd   12th 33rd   DNF 26th   35th                
Dan Hitchcock 29th  --   52nd 46th   27th 25th    -- 42nd   28th  --   45th                
Ryder Hochman  --  --    -- 43rd   30th DNF    --  --    --  --                    
(Number of Skiers) 70 70   70 70   71 70   70 69   68 68       68 66     109 108  
Women  1/9  1/10    1/16  1/17    1/24  1/25    1/31  2/1    2/6  2/7   Season    2/21  2/22      3/4  3/6  
  GS GS   SL SL   SL GS   GS SL   GS SL   Rank   SL GS Comb.   GS SL Comb.
Alyssa Deane © 4th 5th   5th 10th   34th 5th   13th 4th   7th 10th   2nd   5th 2nd 3rd   4th 17th 5th
Kait Pawlak  -- 2nd   26th 3rd   1st 3rd   5th 3rd   8th 43rd   3rd   4th 15th 7th   10th T13th 9th
Erin Fletcher DNF 19th   11th 13th   10th 7th   6th 14th   10th 15th   9th   18th 8th 11th   19th DNF  
Katie Van Riper 30th 26th   28th 22nd   DNF 14th   23rd 25th   28th 22nd   33rd   22nd 22nd 21st   DNF 43rd  
Katherine Goller 44th 34th   20th 34th   21st 39th   41st 27th   31st DNF   43rd                
Lauren Germano 43rd 41st   32nd 26th   20th 30th   27th 29th   23rd 24th   44th     16th 25th   28th    
Alex Albrecht 33rd 35th   DQ 44th   DNF 34th   39th 39th   27th 23rd   47th   11th   T-17th     35th  
Hannah Swartz 31st 38th   33rd 27th   29th DNF   42nd 36th   35th 35th   48th                
Brittany Edgerly 40th 44th   34th DNF   28th 38th   52nd 44th   37th 30th   50th                
Kristen Beadon © 41st 43rd   DNF DNF    --  --    --  --   63rd 40th   51st                
Julia Redman  --  --    --  --   57th DQ   DNF 42nd    --  --                    
(Number of Skiers) 72 72   74 72   72 70   71 71   72 72       65 65     110 107  
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