Plymouth State Skiing Year by Year Results


    NCAA Men   NCAA Women
Year Head Coach Qualifiers SL GS   Qualifiers SL GS
2020 Trevor Hamilton Kuus, Watson, Yates *** 30th, 16th, 28th   --- --- ---
2019 Geoff Ouellette Kuus DNF 21st   --- --- ---
2018 Geoff Ouellette Kuus, Yates 28th, 24th 17th, 26th   Einarsdottir 26th 28th
2017 Andrew Gannon Kuus 11th 30th   Einarsdottir 15th 19th
2016 Andrew Gannon Martin 32nd 23rd   Einarsdottir 12th DNF
2015 Andrew Gannon Watanabe 23rd DNF   --- --- ---
2014 Andrew Gannon Martin 22nd 30th   --- --- ---
2013 Andrew Gannon --- --- ---   --- --- ---
2012 Andrew Gannon --- --- ---   --- --- ---


 Note:  PSU joined the Eastern Intercollegiate Ski Association (EISA) as a part of NCAA Skiing in 2012 after 32 years in the US Collegiate Ski Association (USCSA).

*** - The 2020 National Collegiate Skiing Championships were canceled prior to the slalom races in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


    Men     Women
    Regionals   Nationals     Regionals   Nationals
Year Head Coach SL GS OV   SL GS OV     SL GS OV   SL GS OV
2011 Andrew Gannon 1st 1st 1st   2nd 4th 2nd     2nd 1st 1st   16th 1st* 7th
2010 D.Gyger/K.Zimmermann 1st 1st 1st   3rd 4th 3rd     6th 1st 4th   6th 5th 4th
2009 Topher Harlow 1st 3rd 1st   1st* 5th 4th     2nd 2nd 2nd   7th 4th 4th
2008 Kim Bownes 2nd 1st 2nd   2nd 2nd 2nd     4th 5th T-4th   4th 3rd 3rd
2007 Kim Bownes 1st 4th 2nd   3rd 2nd 2nd     4th 5th T-4th   7th 4th 5th
2006 Kim Bownes 1st 2nd T-1st   3rd 15th T-8th     2nd 5th T-3rd   6th 18th T-11th
2005 Kim Bownes 2nd 3rd T-2nd   4th 7th 6th     4th 3rd 4th   12th 10th 11th
2004 Kim Bownes 2nd 3rd T-2nd   2nd 4th 2nd     3rd 4th 3rd   2nd 5th 5th
2003 Kim Bownes 4th 4th 4th   5th 6th 5th     5th 5th 5th   8th 4th T-6th
2002 Kim Bownes 1st 9th 5th   2nd 8th 5th     --- --- ---   --- --- ---
2001 Kim Bownes 1st 1st 1st   2nd 3rd 2nd     2nd 1st 1st   4th 2nd 3rd
2000 Kim Bownes 2nd 1st 1st   3rd 3rd 2nd     1st 2nd 2nd   9th 4th T-5th
1999 Kim Bownes 2nd 1st 1st   5th 7th 5th     3rd 2nd 2nd   5th 6th T-4th
1998 Kim Bownes 1st 1st 1st   2nd 2nd 2nd     1st 2nd 2nd   9th 3rd 4th
1997 Kim Bownes 1st 1st 1st   7th 6th  6th     4th  2nd  2nd   10th  9th  10th
1996 Kim Bownes 1st 2nd 2nd   8th 7th  T-7th     1st  1st  1st   8th  4th  5th
1995 Kim Bownes 12th 1st 6th   --- --- ---     2nd  1st  1st   7th  9th  8th
1994 Kim Bownes     1st       5th         2nd       8th
1993 Kim Bownes             8th                 11th
1992 Kim Bownes     2nd       11th         1st       7th
1991 Kim Bownes     1st       8th         2nd       7th
1990 Kim Bownes     1st       8th         2nd       6th
1989 Kim Bownes     2nd       7th         3rd       8th
1988 Stu/Kim Bownes     1st       12th         2nd       5th
1987 Tom Quimby     1st       3rd         2nd       6th
1986 Tom Quimby     1st       6th         3rd       8th
1985 Tom Quimby     1st       1st*         1st       9th
1984 Bob Sampson     2nd       5th         4th       7th
1983 Bob Sampson     4th       4th         2nd       4th
1982 Ted Kolva     2nd       ---         2nd       3rd
1981 Bob Sampson     2nd       1st*         2nd        
1980 Ted Kolva                                


*- National Champions