2013-14 Team Photo


            (Front Row, L-R) Nicole Crandle, Carrie Baruch, Jamie O’Brien, Jane Baruch, Cortney Sollows, Meghan Cassidy, Ali Myers, Stephanie Newmark, Tasha Wyatt, Kelsey Maguire, Allison Collins, Ali Ponte
            (Middle Row, L-R) Kate Gallagher (Asst. Coach), Jamie Goldsmith (Asst. Coach), Haley Branovan, Jennifer Wisniewski, Kelsey Lynch, Kelsey Cosby, Christina Behr, Kate Banys, Marisa Zamrock, Olivia Leon, Sara Huff, Emily Auby, Ashley Kilstein (Head Coach).
            (Back Row, L-R) Lesia Monahan (Equipment Mgr.), Kim Lyle (Athletic Training), Gracie Shewell, Justine Gelinas, Shannon Hickey, Lauren Connelly, Frederike Brazeau Lalonde, Rachael Pius, Liz Lincoln (Athletic Training), Micah Dion (Athletic Training)

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