2014-15 Team Photo

            (Front Row, L-R) Erika Laurence, Olivia Leon, Kelsey Lynch, Kate Banys, Cortney Sollows, Kelsey Cosby, Marisa Zamrock, Alyssa Altschuler

            (Middle Row, L-R) Dayle Wilkinson (Asst. Coach), Lesia Monahan (Equipment Mgr.), Jaime Carpenter, Gracie Shewell, Paige Roberts, Mariah Trupp, Alivia Bates, Rachael Pius, Frederike Brazeau Lalonde, Ashley Kilstein (Head Coach).

            (Back Row, L-R) Mary Holland (Athletic Training), Taylor Shrode, Sara Huff, Carolyn Simonis, Emily Auby, Courtney Evans, Lauren Connelly, Haley Branovan, Ellie Goldense (Athletic Training)

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