2016-17 Team Photo

(Front Row, L-R) Ally Altschuler, Frederike Brazeau Lalonde, Lauren Connelly, Kelsey Roy, Gracie Shewell, Haley Branovan, Courtney Evans, Sara Huff, Emily Auby, Emelie Lindqvist

(Middle Row, L-R) Morgan Charlow (Athletic Training), Samantha Pion (Asst. Coach), Maddie Kabasakalian, Amanda McPherson, Taylor Jackson, Alivia Bates, Mariah Trupp, Mackenzie Kennedy, Olivia MacMillan, Kailey Jacobs, Eleanor Hudson, Brian Busanich (Athletic Training), Caitlin Connor, Mykul Haun (Head Coach), Emily Gray (Athletic Training)

(Back Row, L-R) Brooke Maggy, Taylor Shrode, Shannon Hickey, Julie Nagel, Sydney Linnick, Alie Louie, Alexis Fagan, Jaime Carpenter

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