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2010-11 Team Photo



(Front Row, L-R) Kyle Graham, Tim Donoghue, Mike Task, Josh Huber, Mike Willey, Eric Bergeron, Femi Wheeler, Tyler Rosenberg, Chris Rideout.

(Middle Row, L-R) Matt Eldredge (Asst. Coach), Molly Gaebler (Athletic Training), Cody Oliverio, Nick Lanchester, Seth Carter, Dan Saia, Tom Paolera, Travis Brooks, Nicole Rozumek (Athletic Training),  Tommy Prairie (Head Coach).

(Back Row, L-R) Andy Klempa, Dan Trefry, Justtin Demers, Dustin Rudy, Zac Giovanetti, Eric Larcomb, James Matlack, Dan Curley, Pat Cassella, Rob Phillips, Matt Moher.

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