2011 Team Photo


(Front Row, L-R) Angelina LaBroad, Julia Redman, Sam Laliberte, Sarah Pandiscio, Amy Green, Katie Lozano, Sammi Jo Saltalamacchia, Kelsey Marvin, Charlotte Miller, Courtney Lins

(Middle Row, L-R) Dom Heres (Athletic Training), Julie Behan (Manager), Cassie Graham, Anna Lozano, Laura Davis, Shannon Snively, Anna Doumas, Sam D’Agati, Cindy Bennett (Head Coach)

(Back Row, L-R) Brianna Catts (Athletic Training), Danielle Ehrgott, Carol Messler, Sam Sheehan, Courtney Barker, Kate Nixon, Molly Todd, Will Desjardins (Grad. Asst. Athletic Trainer)


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