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2017 Plymouth State Women's Soccer Team Photo

(Front Row): Jenna Parsons, Asia Hazeltine, Tabitha Josefik, Kat Holmes, Naomi Kramer, Adrianna Kippenberger, Kate Martin, Kate Dasey, Taylor Wright, Sophie Brisere, Sabrina Sweeney, Molly Robinson

(Second Row): Leah Swanson (Assistant Coach), Kelsey Roy (Athletic Training), Patrick Griffin (Athletic Training), Trevor Chappell (Athletic Training), Michelle Henry, Jasmine Lees, Mallory Lloyd, Caitlin Johnson (Manager), Anna Hauman, Keegan Burch, Haylie Witham, Rachel Springmann (Athletic Training), Moenique Parris (Athletic Training), Ryan Joy (Head Coach), Mark Boucher (Assistant Coach)

(Back Row): Amy Luther, Dehlia Wright, Sofia Karlsson, Hannah Murdough, Leandra Nault, Diana Whittier, Megan Toman, Caitlin Catania, Jenna O'Malley

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