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PSU Women’s Tennis faring well at Little East Championships


  - The Plymouth State University women's tennis team is off to a good start at the annual Little East Conference Championships, hosted Friday and Saturday by the University of Southern Maine.

            The Panthers are in second place out of seven schools at the end of the first day of action.  Two of PSU's three doubles teams have advanced to the finals in their flights with two victories apiece, and four of its six singles entries won their first-round match.  The matches were moved indoors due to rain.

            Bridgewater State leads the team standings with 9.0 points, and PSU is second with 8.5.  Defending champion Rhode Island College is third with 7.0, followed by Salem State (5.5), Southern Maine (4.0), UMass Dartmouth (3.0), and Western Connecticut (2.0).

            The PSU tandem of junior Rachel Xavier (Meredith, N.H.) and freshman Jill Deyermond (Atkinson, N.H.) continued their strong play at No. 2 doubles.  They recorded consecutive victories in the bracket to advance to the finals with a 7-0 season record.  Deyermond also collected a first-round singles win in the third flight, and Xavier did the same in the fourth spot.

            Junior Liz Duell (Hope Valley, R.I.) and sophomore Ashley Gorman (Cumberland, R.I.) were two-time winners at No. 3 doubles, earning them a spot in the finals of that bracket.  Gorman also registered a first-round win at No. 6 singles but Duell was a first-round casualty at No. 5.

            Sophomore Erica Huckins (Plymouth, N.H.) and junior Whitney O'Leary (Sagamore Beach, Mass.) rebounded from a first-round loss in the No. 1 doubles bracket with a consolation-round victory.  Huckins also cruised to a victory in the first round at No. 2 singles, but O'Leary was knocked off at No. 1 singles in her first attempt.

            The Panthers were 6-4 in dual matches this season under first-year coach Barbara Rawlsky-Willett.  The Panthers will be looking to improve on last year's fourth place at the LEC Tournament.

   First Day Results

Team Scores:
1.         Bridgewater State     9.0
2.         Plymouth State        8.5
3.         Rhode Island College  7.0
4.         Salem State           5.5
5.         Southern Maine        4.0
6.         UMass Dartmouth       3.0
7.         Western Connecticut  2.0

  Doubles - First Round

First Flight
Liz Barrett/Meghan Mooney (RIC) def. Kim Palumbo/Jacquelyn Levangie (BSC), 8-5
Sarah Charwick/Hannah Chavez (UMD) def. Kendra Sloat/Sarah Holmes (WC), 8-5
Kie Tanaka/Naomi Torii (SSC) def. Whitney O'Leary/Erica Huckins (PS), 8-6
Katie Welch/Catie McCarthy (SM) received a bye

  Second Flight
Chelsea Parady/Emily Straubel (SM) def. Katie Haepers/Kristen Spooner (UMD), 8-6
Jill Deyermond/Rachel Xavier (PS) def. Aprile Lozzi/Alyssa Beaton (SSC), 9-8 (4)
Audrey Davis/Caitlin Morin (RIC) def. Tamra Butler/Cailin McGaughan (WC), 8-0
Becky Jenkins/Dianna Sullivan (BSC) received a bye

  Third Flight
Cara Walsh/Erin Burns (WC) def. Jyoti Folch/Nicole Cross (UMD), 9-8 (5)
Casea Parady/Sydney Orne (SM) def. Andrea Colby/Angela Palma (SSC), 8-4
Ashley Gorman/Liz Duell (PS) def. Robyn Del Duca/Amy Rego (BSC), 8-5
Tara Marchant/Michaela Grant (RIC) received a bye

    Doubles - Semifinals

First Flight
Welch/McCarthy (SM) def. Barrett/Mooney (RIC), 6-3, 6-1
Tanaka/Torii (SSC) def. Charwick/Chavez (UMD), 6-2, 6-4

  Second Flight
Jenkins/Sullivan (BSC) def. Ch. Parady/Straubel (SM), 4-6, 6-4 (10-7)
Deyermond/Xavier (PS) def. Davis/Morin (RIC), 3-6, 7-5 (10-3)

  Third Flight
Marchant/Grant (RIC) def. Walsh/Burns (WC), 6-0, 6-2
Gorman/Duell (PS) def. Ca. Parady/Orne (SM), 6-3, 6-2

    Doubles - Consolation Round

First Flight
O'Leary/Huckins (PS) def. Sloat/Holmes (WC), 8-3
Palumbo/Lavangie (BSC) win by default

  Second Flight
Lozzi/Beaton (SSC) def Butler/McGaughan (WC), 8-5
Haepers/Spooner (UMD) win by default

  Third Flight
Del Duca/Rego (BSC) def. Colby/Palma (SSC), 8-4
Folch/Cross (UMD) win by default

    Singles - First Round

First Flight
Kendra Sloat (WC) def. Liz Barrett (RIC), 8-1
Kim Palumbo (BSC) def. Whitney O'Leary (PS), 8-4
Kie Tanaka (SSC) def. Sara Charwick (UMD), 8-3
Katie Welch (SM) received a bye

  Second Flight
Rebecca Jenkins (BSC) def. Hannah Chavez (UMD), 8-0
Erica Huckins (PS) def. Sarah Holmes (WC), 8-2
Meghan Mooney (RIC) def. Simone Lynds (SM), 8-1
Aprile Lozzi (SSC) received a bye

  Third Flight
Dianna Sullivan (BSC) def. Katie Haepers (UMD), 8-5
Jill Deyermond (PS) def. Catie McCarthy (SM), 8-3
Naomi Torii (SSC) def. Katie Poirier (WC), 8-4
Audrey Davis (RIC) received a bye

  Fourth Flight
Kristen Spooner (UMD) def Tamra Butler (WC), 9-7
Jacquelyn Levangie (BSC) def. Alissa Welch (SSC), 8-1
Rachel Xavier (PS) def. Chelsea Parady (SM), 8-6
Kseniya Gurvich (RIC) received a bye

  Fifth Flight
Tara Marchant (RIC) def. Jyoti Folch (UMD), 8-4
Amy Rego (BSC) def. Liz Duell (PS), 9-7
Alyssa Beaton (SSC) def Cailin McGaughan (WC), 8-3
Casea Parady (SM) received a bye

  Sixth Flight
Ashley Gorman (PS) def. Sara Pawnovic (SSC), 8-4
Robyn Del Duca (BSC) def. Alicia Newton (UMD), 8-3
Caitlin Morin (RIC) def. Cara Walsh (WC), 8-1
Emily Straubel (SM) received a bye.

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