2015 PSU Cross Country Team Photo

(Front Row, L-R) Nat Smyth, Isabella Mongillo, Sophia Simard, Ke Cawley, Erin Murphy, Alyssa Delaporta, Krista Bouchard, Jen Carten, Sarah Uhlman, Haley Dennis, Lora Giguere, Rocco Repetto

(Middle Row, L-R) John Ostler (Head Coach), Kyle Saunders, Jennifer Marcus, Courtney Allen, Rileigh Goulette, Danielle Ahern, Sydney Wacht, Hayley DeSousa, Ashley Bergeron, Meghan Moody, Samantha Labens, David Martino, Tim Lindeberg, Alice Field (Assistant Coach)

(Back Row, L-R) Casey Reale, Sam Webber, Brendan Polichronopoulos, Shawn Miller, Colin Nelson-Peck, Sam Brunnette, Aaron Thompson, Cam Pavao, Cam Atherton, Warren Bartlett

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