2019 Plymouth State Cross Country Team Photo


(Front Row): Chenet Guerrier, Trevor Campbell, Nate Belanger, Noah Byington, Eve Bagley, Hunter Zabkar, Rebecca Khimatian, Ben Platt

(Second Row): Alice Field (Assistant Coach), Lindsey Perkins (Athletic Training), Libby Van De Moere, Jared Wolf, Rebecca Williams, Callie Parks, Gavyn Lewis, Patrick Williston, Michaela Babineau (Athletic Training), John Ostler (Head Coach)

(Third Row): James Huckman (Manager), Luke Gomes, Kyle Mau, Leanne Burgess, Mia DeMarco, Kim Bowles, Michael Barrett

(Back Row): Abby Hurley, Matt Lyle, Kyle Hewson, Hayden O'Hara, Colin Moar, Marcus Cryan, Kyle Hoglund, Brent Coope

(Not Pictured): Michael Olson, Randall Scroggins, Hailey Botelho

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