2019 Plymouth State Field Hockey Team Photo


(Front Row): Hailey Patridge, Olivia Geisser, Kate McPherson, Kaihley Rafferty, Haley Wakefield, Kylie Ham, Maddie Kabasakalian, Keeley Bartolini, Kaitlyne Silva, Meaghan Allard, Laura Secone

(Second Row): Lyndsey Wilcox (Assistant Coach), Kara LaSalle (Assistant Coach), Kristine Watts (Athletic Training), Leah Mayes, Jess Distler, Jess Mezquita, Maddie Rowe (Athletic Training), Gabrielle LeBihen (Athletic Training), Bonnie Lord (Head Coach)

(Back Row): Mariah Luscher, Mariah Craigue, Natalie Perry, Emma Revaz, Eily Brindak, Nahomy Blanco

(Not Pictured): Hailey Crowley


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